Songkran Festival

Songkran, a national celebration of the traditional Thai New Year, captures the imagination of travellers for both its cultural and fun attributes; the latter being enthusiastic bouts of water splashing between friends and relatives. This takes place all over Thailand in mid-April.

Songkran in Sukhothai is known for its sophisticated traditions. It is a tradition that all local men must become monks for at least seven days and every year, the men prepared in the traditional way are taken to the temples on elephants while wearing local headgear. The Oi Tan ceremony is then followed which means people make a donation and relates to the good morals of the people of Sukhothai. Other highlights include cultural parades from the 10 local communities, Lady Oi Tan beauty competition, a food fair and music performance.

Tourists and locals are invited to wear colorful Hawaiian-style shirts, which have become a firm Songkran tradition.

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