Loei Ghost Festival

A long, long time ago, it is said, Prince Vessantara (Buddha in his past life) made a long journey. Indeed, her was gone for so long, that all of his followers presumed him dead. Yet, one day, he returned – alive and well. His followers rejoiced, and the celebrations that took place were so raucous that they are said to have woken the dead.

The Phi Ta Khon festival is the biggest attraction to the otherwise sleepy farming village of Dan Sai, nestled in the mountains of Loei province. The event takes place over three days some time between March and July, the dates being selected annually by the town’s mediums.

The main event takes place on a Friday, when there is a grand procession of people in their colorful masks and costumes. The parade passes in front of reviewing stands on the main street, and ends at Wat Phon Chai.

In addition to the main events, two of the town’s main temples are also hives of activity, especially Wat Phonchai, where there are several activities going on as well as a stage with traditional dancing.

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