Illuminated Boat Procession Festival

Legend has it that the Buddha spent the entire period of Buddhist Lent in paradise and then returned to Earth. The procession of illuminated boats is organized to welcome him back to earth after Buddhist Lent. The locals also believe that this ceremony washes the sadness and problems of life while bringing luck to the participants. The tradition of the festival dates back to ancient times. It is held from the full moon day to the 1st day of the waning moon of the 11th lunar month, always held on October in every year, across 9 days.

The highlight is the procession of illuminated boats on the Mekong river along Sunthornvichit Road for 4 kilometers. Nowadays, the boat is made of bamboo, built to be larger and much more extravagant, 50-90 Meters long and it impressively illuminates the river during the festival.

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